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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Wonderful Monday - and Week 49 Weigh in part two!!

So today was a wonderful day! I got up and got Logan to school and then came back home and ran - I made it through the 3 and 1 intervals with no problem and by the time I got back home I thought "It's still early enough I could shower and change and get to weight watchers and at least attend the meeting. So I get ready, grab my stuff and start driving and the country station is talking about the Brad Paisley concert that was Saturday (which I was at and had a BLAST!!) and how one of the DJ's got to go backstage and meet Brad Paisley and he was given a autographed picture to give away on the air today. So all you had to do was call in and identify what the DJ's were wearing on the night of the concert. I called and it rang and rang and rang, then he picked up and I asked if they had a winner yet and he said no! I told them what they were wearing and I won!! I will need to run down to the station sometime this week and get my prize, but I'm so excited!! So I get to weight watchers and I decide I might as well go ahead and weigh in - I had eaten breakfast and drank water since I ran in the morning, but I figured if I can still make it to the meeting then I will be doing this every Monday - well I lost .1! I know it is only .1 - but after the week I had and weighing on a full tummy and lots of water because it was already warm during the run this morning I will take the .1 loss!

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~Tammy said...

Yaaaaa on all fronts, the run, the winning the pic and the WI! You're rocking!