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Friday, June 27, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday Canceled...

I'm bummed - due to poor air quality in our poor burning state we will not be running tomorrow. I actually cried when I read the email - that is how much I look forward to the runs! I am going to try out the treadmill, but I have found out very quickly that I love running outside.

The plus side is that my weight watchers leader that I left will be leaving weight watchers and her last meeting is tomorrow so I will be able to go and thank her for all the support and advice she has given me in the last year.

Oh and another note - my younger son was supposed to go to Cub Scout camp and they have canceled his session of scout camp due to imminent fire danger. He was pretty bummed as well and we have promised him a fun weekend with the parents!

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~V said...

Aw Bre, I'm sorry sweetie...I hope they can reschedule somehow. I've watched the fires on CNN where you are...I really wish something could be done, they are so awful

Poor little L....I hope he has a fun time with the parents tho! lol fill us in with details to what you do!