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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Week 49 Weigh In?!?!?

Or lack of weigh in as it may be...

For the first time since I started I won't go to a meeting this week and I will not weigh in this week. I did step on the scale at home and it showed a small gain. (we ate out last night and didn't make point friendly choices, but it was so good!!) We went and saw Brad Paisley last night and got home so late and I was supposed to get up early and go to the Sunday morning meeting because I have to get my Monday run in on Monday mornings now instead of going to weight watchers. Well I did get up for a bit, but felt pretty horrible, so went back to bed. It was a very long week last week. I'm hoping that I will not be derailed this week!

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~Tammy said...

You wont be derailed this week, hon! I'm not trying to undermind your dedication and make what you do seem easy, but you are ROCKIN' this thing right now.

Big hugs!