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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sac Fit!!!

I can't say enough about this group! I went today and was so nervous and soon found I had nothing to be nervous about, the people were amazing!! The leader of the group Ken got up and talked about how anyone can be anything they set their mind out to be and when he looks out at the group of people he doesn't see short/tall, fat/thin he sees atheletes. We did pace times to figure out what group I will be placed in next week and I did a mile run/walk and completed it in 13:48. I told a lady that I didn't know where to go and she said - let's hear your story - I told her about the wieght loss and showed her my picture and told her I had been running but wasn't able to sustain a run for long periods of time and she told me she would run with me and do my pace lap with me. Her name is Diane and she is so wonderful - she walked and ran with me, told me I had very good form and that I was actually a quick runner - we would just have to work on the enduarance and that would come with time and practice. I did one minute run, one minute walk and that worked pretty well for me. After the run I met another very nice lady - her Name is Rebecca and she ran in the same group as I did. I'm hoping to get placed in the same group - she said she joined beacuse she wanted to get in better shape and her husband is an athelte. She told me she picked Sacfit because on their website it wasn't all little bitty running people it was a variety of people of various body types all getting together and having a good time improving themselves. That was what I was thinking too...

Here is their website again!


Dsac said...

I, too, joined Sac Fit yesterday-loved it!! A friend mentioned something about it Wed. night-I looked at the website Thurs. morning-something just clicked for me-and I decided I needed to go. Husband and sons came with me for moral support (I, too, was nervous about not fitting in). I want to get in shape (again) and lose weight in the process. I've set a half marathon (walk) as my goal. The accountability with this group will be the key. Good to read of your positive experience-as was mine!!

~Tammy said...

Honest to goodness, your post just brought tears to my eyes. I'm so proud of you, I'm beyond ecstatic for you!

I'm really looking forward to hearing how progress. Are you tracking your progress in any way?