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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Running Quote

This was in my email box a couple of days ago and it is so true!

"In the 30 years I've been a runner I've run more than 150,000 miles. Still, some of the hardest steps I take are those first few getting out the door for daily runs."

BILL RODGERS' Lifetime Running Plan

I do plan on getting back out there for my runs.. I do - no really I do! If I don't my hubby is going to run faster, farther and look better running than me! Kidding! Really I am!!


Christmas was very nice this year - full of changes, but nice ones...

I got to spend time with my future daughter in law - Logan said it was the coolest Christmas ever - Everyone seemed to be happy - it was an all around great couple of days!

Here is a pic of my youngest and his new friend! That is a display from my oldest sons store that he brought home for Logan. It is motion sensitive and "talks" to you when you wander in the room! They are playing with hubbys new toys - Guitar hero!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weigh in!

So I did go and weigh in - I knew it was going to be a bad one, but I did it and I'm proud I didn't stay in bed a hybernate like I wanted to. I gained 4.4 pounds. It is better than the 6 I thought I had gained!

I had a great talk with three of the ladies from the meeting, I was told I was normal! I'm so glad people that have been there and done that can show me that I'm not alone!

So now to get back on track and do the best I can this week. I will arm myself with healthy foods at work, so I can munch on them instead of the massive amounts of stuff that people bring in for us. I will get some exercise of sometype in this week. I will not beat myself for any bad days I will have because lets face it - it is Chrismas! There are some days I can control this week and others that I can not.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emotional Eating....

So I am a creature of habit and I REALLY don't like my routine disturbed - with the holiday coming up and Logan being out of school and not having Sacfit to go to for a few weeks and vacation and several other things that changed that are very minor, I have had an emotional eating breakdown - if it was near me I ate it, even if it wasn't, I ate it - my friends and family are not safe - I might eat them too - stay away!!

I WILL weigh in tomorrow and see what the final damage is, but according to my scale at home today it will not be pretty!

I really don't understand how I get back to a goal that I wanted to be at so much (60 pounds lost) and then blow it again so quickly. I'm really not happy with myself right now for the very bad choices I have made this week. I really have no one to blame but myself.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weight Watchers Weigh In!

So after Disneyland and eating not so good I went to weight watchers this morning and I lost 1 pound! This finally puts me back at 60 pounds lost! 60.5 to be exact! This is also the lowest I have been so far! I hit 60 pounds lost in Septemeber, then had a major gain the next week and have been up and down ever since. - Oh and I'm 202! How exciting and closer than ever to under 200!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So vacation was awesome!!! I had such a great time and it was so wonderful to share my birthday with my whole family. Mom and Dad were such troopers and went on everything we went on. They did turn in a little earlier than we did most nights but that was fine too, it gave them time to be alone too. I heard things that I never thought I would hear from my mom like "Hey lets go on tower of terror again!" and "I will ride splash mountain if your dad does!" We ate breakfast on the morning of my birthday at Goofy's kitchen and I met Aurora! Jeff and I had a romantic dinner at the Blue Bayou the night of my birthday. On Thursday we went into the park early and I was first in line to meet Tinkerbell (and Silvermist)! Can you tell a lot of the trip was all about me? I think everyone else had fun too! I have photographic proof that my mom rode everything we have pictures of Splash Mountain and Tower of Terror and some really great pictures of the whole family both at the Christmas tree at the Grand Californian Hotel and at the Meet and Greet with Chip and Dale at California Adventures.

On a side note - we usually go for a couple of days then take a day off to do nothing and recover and then go our remaining days - this time we did 5 days straight and I'm happy to say I noticed a HUGE difference in how my body held up. My feet and ankles didn't swell like they used to do, I didn't even slow down until the end of the last day there and I think that was more I was getting tired than my body was giving out. No blisters, no muscle cream, no anti-inflammatories and no wanting to ride the shuttle back to the hotel every night - we will walk!! Oh and yes I did get a run in on Thursday morning. I got up early, got dressed in my running stuff and ran down the street towards Disneyland, through the plaza in between the two parks,thorugh downtown Disney to the Disneyland hotel and around the grounds of the hotel and back to our hotel (2.25 Miles), it was so peaceful and amazing!!