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Monday, January 24, 2011

The most amazing 10K ever!

Sunday was my first 10K! Well yes I do know that I have done all the other mileages (half-marathon and full marathon) first - I guess I'm just an overachiever like that..

I started out the morning not sure what intervals I was going to do - I have done primarily walking for the last couple of seasons with the exception of the CIM relay which I did 3 run 1 walk and it worked out OK - so right before the race I decided that I would do those intervals again.

We had a big group of Sacfitters out there - most of them doing the 5K - but what a great group!
I felt really awesome the whole race and got lots of comments on my running fairy outfit - it is so much fun running all dressed up!

My official time is 1:21:15 - Average pace 13:05!

Sure I came in 33rd out of 37 in my age group - but that is an awesome time for me and I think it maybe my fastest average pace in a race - I will have to check out my past race times and see.

And after the race a group of us stayed to cheer in the last of the runners - there were lots still out doing the half marathon and we had so much fun!

And then there was this...I climbed a rock wall! - would I have done this 100 pounds ago? Heck no! I only went about halfway up - then I remembered I'm afraid of heights - but I did it! The most amazing part? I want to do it again! I'm thinking about going to an indoor place and I won't be as intimidated by the height part and I can practice the whole letting go and leaning back to come down thing...

After the race excitement was all over I met my wonderful hubster and younger son at the mall where they had stopped by the Apple store and bought me a present! They are so awesome!! I got this...I'm such a lucky girl :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goals and such for the new year!

First and foremost - I was not able to weigh in in the month of December within my goal weight - I'm currently about 7 pounds above - but I enjoyed the holidays and I'm not looking back - I'm looking forward. I have some goals to meet this month and the first one is to stay on track with my food and tracking so I can weigh in within my goal weight this month.

Secondly there is a cause that is very important to me and I have wanted to do a fundraiser for a couple of years now, but the climb has always been on the same weekend as me doing a full marathon so it wasn't in the cards. This year I have made it my number one priority and I have signed up for the Fight For Air Climb in San Francisco in March. I have a good friend that was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. By the time she was diagnosed it had spread to her brain and she wasn't given much time - she is beating the odds and has survived longer that the doctors have given her. There is also my dad that got his lung cancer diagnosis this year (and I might say he is doing very well with his treatment) and my older son who has lived with asthma almost all his life. These are my heroes - living with a lung disease everyday of their life.

So this is what I'm going to do - I'm going to train to climb 1,197 stairs up the 52 floors of 555 California Street in San Francisco and I'm going to go there in March and race up those stairs! (look at all the tiny buildings at the foot of the tall one!)

What do I need from you? Not much really - I need to fund raise 100 dollars. A drop in the bucket, I'm thinking just a couple of bucks here and there and I will meet my goal in no time at all! Here is the link to my personal page Bre's Page You can donate any amount you choose simply buy going to my page and clicking "Support Sabrina!"

Thanks in advance for the support and encouragement - I'm very much looking forward to doing an event for a cause that means so much to me!