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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June in review!

So I was determined to make June a kick butt month and I did just that! I weighed 186 on May 31st - today I weigh 180.2 for a total loss in the month of June of 5.8 pounds! I had a goal to workout at least 4 days each week and I met that goal as well. Out of the 30 days in June I worked out (at least 30 minutes of activity) 19 days. I tracked everything I ate and and stayed 100% on program the whole month. Now it is confession time. Is it always easy - heck no! Do I ever have days where I just want to say the heck with this all? Ummm yeah I do. Just ask my hubby who takes my calls and reads my emails and talks me back off that ledge when I want to jump! But in the long run I need this, I want this and I deserve this! I want to be at my goal weight, I want to run like the wind, I want to be healthy and I want to be active!!

I also want to thank all the people out there in blogland who stop by and read my blog and encourage me and cheer me on either here on the blog or in person!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weigh in Day!

So today I weighed in at 180.2! I lost 2.3 pounds this week and I'm now down a total on 82.3!

I did well on my goals for this week - I earned 6 stickers on my activity calendar!

I will not be weighing in next sunday - we are going camping - but I'm hoping to come back on Sunday night and weigh in on Monday morning. I'm going to do some serious planning so my weight loss efforts are not derailed by camping. I only have 17.3 pounds to lose to hit my goal!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!

Today was great! I was worried about the heat and I decided to try two new things today - one of which was moving up a pace group and I did well there - the second thing was S- Caps. I popped one about 20 minutes into the run and I felt great! It was the first run that I have done in the heat that I didn't have a headache at the end of it!! I'm very excited!! I also found that I drank more since the pill did kinda leave a salty taste in my mouth, so it would remind me to drink. I used to use electrolytes in my water, but no more! We did a little over 5 miles and I felt great at the end of it! By the way - it was HOT out there - it is headed for a high of 105 today and we didn't even start running until 8:15ish!

The rest of my day I plan on cleaning as much as I can get done and then taking my customary nap in the afternoon, my reward for sac fit run!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weigh in Day!

So this week I really struggled - not really with food, but with not having any control over what my body was doing this week. I lost 3 1/5 pounds last week - and typically my body does this weird thing where it decides to compensate for that by gaining and this week was no exception. I'm just thankful by this morning it wasn't as bad as it had been all week long. I only had a .7 gain. I'm still at 80 pounds lost - but I don't have my .7 buffer I had.

This weeks meeting was about planning (right up my alley!!) and it was very small - I think there ended up only being 7 or 8 of us there! I have not seen a lot of the "regulars" there in a while. Our leader says it is always weird in the summer months, attendance drops off and we don't have many new people either. She had us all sit right in the front in a semi-circle and it made for a nice intimate meeting!

So I'm looking forward to the next weigh in - I will just keep doing what I'm doing and the gain will come back off and hopefully take some more with it!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rewarding myself!

So I rewarded myself for hitting 80 pounds lost. We got a TV for the exercise room and it is now hanging on the wall in front of the treadmill. It is not only hooked up to cable, but to a DVD player as well. The second thing I got to reward myself was the Wii Active. It is very cool! I used it last night for the first time and started the 30 day challenge. When going through the choices I'm glad I didn't get cocky and choose the advanced workouts! I choose intermediate and some of the things really kicked my butt! I worked up a heck of a sweat doing it! Next time I won't do it so late in the evening the day before a Sacfit run, the legs and lower back was pretty sore this morning!

Sac Fit Saturday!

Had just a little bump in the road this morning - Logan (my youngest son) woke up with a fever. He felt fine, but had a fever. My parents who would normally watch him are in Missouri right now and I felt like I couldn't ask my older son to watch him since he just started a new job and I don't want him to get sick. So off to the trail we all go and I plan on seeing which of our groups need us the worst (hubby is coaching this season as well) and we will take it from there. Well hubby's group needed him so I stayed back at base camp with the youngin' and only ventured out when Ken, Sacfit's leader wanted me to go to the mile marker to turn the new people around for their one mile pace run. I ran out there and ran back so there was a little bit under the belt. After hubby got back I did another 45 minutes to complete what I would have done if I would have went out with my group. Next Saturday should be more normal I hope!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday challenge...

I don't have enough stickers on my calendar this week - I started out good, but yesterday which was supposed to be a run day turned into a "It's too hot to run so I will go shopping and replace all my size 14 pants with 12's and then I will go out to dinner with hubby to celebrate Fathers Day early and then we will go buy a tv for the exercise room as my reward for hitting 80 pounds lost instead!" Did I mention it was over 100 degrees and I was going to be running at 5:30ish? What the heck was I thinking? So anyway - I got my sticker for Monday and Tuesday and will get one for Saturday (go Sacfit!!) So today I have to earn one to make my goals of four days of working out! Friday's are normally rest days so I do have to be careful what I do, but we are early enough in the season that I should be ok - I just can't do this later one when we will be running 10 + miles on Saturday! So sometime today I need to cram in at least 30 minutes of activity! Game on!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"To the skinny Gal"

An awesome adult volunteer at the library brought me a little gift on Wednesday! Trisha has became such a great friend with wonderful things to say! We have quite a bit in common as well! Once we were talking about how little things make us anxious and I told her I knew just how she felt, that very morning I found I was running out of the peanut butter that I use on every breakfast, every morning and since the store had kinda weird hours and my schedule was so tight I was worried about running out before I could get some - later that afternoon she showed back up at my work with the peanut butter!! So back to Wednesday - she showed up with a little gift bag in hand with vanilla truffles (which were delish by the way...) and the most thoughtful card! On the front it said "To the Skinny Gal" On the inside she had written "Sabrina, you're my heroine. Trisha" The card itself is adorable as well - they truly have a card for everything - this one is specifically for dieters! On the outside it says "Exercise, Eating right, Positive Thoughts." And on the inside it says "You mean it actually works? You look great!"

This came at such a great time, I have not had a chance to reward myself for the 80 pound loss yet and I was starting to feel like the milestone came and went without much fanfare. I do like Trisha's suggestion of 80 pounds of merchandise for a reward!

I'm so blessed to have so many thoughtful and wonderful people in my life during this journey!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stepping out of my comfort zone!

So today I thought I would swim. I have the before mentioned suit that looks really great on me and I have actually worn it one other time at my parents house for a swim, but that to me doesn't really count - my parents loved me at 262 and they love me now - they don't care how I look in a bathing suit. Today was different, Iwanted to do laps... in a lap pool... at the gym. I put on said bathing suit and headed to the gym - on the way to the gym, my chest started getting tight and I started having trouble breathing. It got worse the closer to the gym I got and by the time I got there I was shaking and was terrified to get out of the car to go swim. All this because I would be seen in public in a bathing suit... I overcame the mini panic attack and went in the door of the gym and out to the pool - I took of the shirt I had worn over my suit and jumped into the lap pool as quickly as possible to avoid having people look at me. After my 30 mintues of laps (which felt so great by the way) I got out and I was tired and happy and I didn't care what people were looking at me or what they thought. I hope my next trip to the gym in my swimsuit will go smoother!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weigh in Day!

I hit another milestone today - 80 pounds lost! I lost 3.4 pounds this week and my total lost is now at 80.7!

This week I met all my goals - I got four stickers for working out and I did very well with my food!

Not much else to say except yay me!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!!

So today was this first day of the new season of Sacfit! We got cute little shoe tags that are colored to match our color groups (mine is red). We have a huge group this season - people adjust as time goes on, but for now we had around 12ish? We did 46 minutes - which ended up being 3 .08 miles and it was a great run! I will just need to adjust a little being part of a big group is very different then last year where I had an average of 3 (counting me)! After the run I took a first aid CPR class and it was pretty fun and the best part? Free lunch!! I just hope it doesn't affect my weigh in tomorrow - it is always hard when someone else is buying lunch.

So today was my first run in the "Train for the full marathon season!!" I'm excited for now, we will see what happens once we get into the higher mileage!

I forgot to mention - I wore my new medium running shorts I picked up on Thursday and they fit so well, don't chafe, don't ride up and don't make me feel self conscious!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm wearing the size 12's!

So several months back I wrote about buying the size 12 jeans and they fit, but they were a little snug and I didn't feel good in them (self conscious) so I took them off promising I would try them on again soon - I kept thinking about trying them on and kept putting it off - today was the day! I put them on while getting ready for work and they fit and look nice on me! I'm wearing them to work today! I won't be yanking my pants up every time I move!! On Tuesday I went into Fleet Feet and tried on some shorts and they were too loose, I'm thinking no way, I must be between sizes because larges are too loose and mediums are NOT going to fit. I try on the mediums and they fit! I'm so excited I'm shaking! I go out in the shorts and I show Kristy (the manager and my friend) that they fit and they are mediums! I'm so excited - she let me exchange one pair that I just bought for a medium and I have two more pairs on hold waiting until payday to pick up and she ordered me two more pairs so I should be set for the whole summer season!! - The shorts I wore last summer are XL's!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nike Womens Fitness Festival 5K!

OMG! I'm sooooo excited!! The adrenalin has not worn off yet and I'm bouncing off the walls! I beat my last years time by 9 minutes flat!! Last year I came in at 46.02 and today I ran a 37.02! I felt amazing!!! It was so cool being right on the start line (the first wave was for people who could run a sub 38 minute - so I knew I belonged right towards the front of the second wave) They yelled go and I took off! Thank goodness I had my friend Rebecca there to slow me back down because I would have been done after the first mile! Jessica (my future Daughter in law) finished right behind me blowing her old record out the window by 6 minutes! I had a great time out there - it was amazing!!! Almost 3000 women taking part and it all benefited a good cause!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weight in and Week in Review!

OK so it isn't Sunday - but I needed to weigh in Saturday morning because of the 5K I'm running Sunday morning - so my week is as follows...

Exercise - GREAT! - I have 4 stickers on my calendar - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Met my goal there!

Food - GREAT! (for the most part) we did eat at Chili's today I did go over my daily points, and dipped into my flex and activity but I'm not in the negative for the week so I call that a success!

Weigh In - GREAT! - I'm at 185.2 - down .8 for the week which I will gladly take! I do however will be honest - I was hoping to have lost what I had gained at the Jazz fest, but I'm shooting for next week now! I watched my weight drop quite a bit on Monday and the steadily go back up every day following Monday.. *sigh*

Today was the first day of Sacfit and it was so cool seeing all my friends returning and seeing all the new faces excited to get started with their goals! I didn't run today, but helped cheer the new ones in and helped them take their pulses when they were finished! I run tomorrow and I'm shooting for the 40 minutes range for the 5K - last year with only two weeks of "training" I did a 46:02. This race is the first one I ever ran - Sometimes it is hard to believe I have only been running a year and other times it seems like I have been running forever!!! I will update tomorrow with race time and hopefully pictures!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st!!

I figure June is as good a month as any to reacquaint myself with Weight Watchers, fitness and eating right - I do a pretty good job, but I really want to do a bit better - I want to ROCK June!!

I have printed out the motivational calendar and the workout calendar from The WW Chick's blog and my fitness goals are to get some activity at least 4 days a week in June. (I already earned my sticker for today! 50 minutes spin class and 60 minutes group strength training!) My food goals are to eat the way I know I'm supposed to to fuel my body and be satisfied.

On Satruday June 6th registration for sacfit starts and I'm coming back as a coach of course! I will be helping out with registration and helping people with their pace runs to find out what pace they should be running. We will not have an officail run until the following week.

On Sunday June 7th I will be running the Nike women's Fitness Festival 5K - That was my first run ever a year ago and I had only trained a few weeks for it - so I'm excited to see how this one goes.

Saturday June 13th will be our first official run with sacfit and that will be the day I start training to run my first full marathon! I'm very excited and nervous all at the same time!!