My Weight Loss Ticker!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The road to recovery is paved with cupcakes!

I knew I was having surgery, I knew what they were doing and I still didn't expect to be so "down" to recover. Surgeons are a funny sort. They sound very optimistic and tell you that you will be "Up and around in no time." Well my "no-time" and his "no-time" is very different - as well as my "up and around" and his "up and around". In two weeks I have done very little physically and I'm still not 100% - I walked on Saturday but then paid the price and ended up puffy, swollen, exhausted and in bed the rest of the day.

My food was completely thrown off - I did OK most days, but when I over did it, I really over did it! I ate for comfort a lot!

I will do a weigh in on Sunday to asses the damage - that will give me time to get back to work tomorrow and get back into my routine. It will also give me time to work off a little bit of what I have already gained.

I really missed my routine and I even missed my healthy lunches and I'm looking forward to starting them back up tomorrow. I will not be hitting the gym again until next week (I hope!) to let my body get used to working again and see how that goes.

I asked my doctor when I was scheduled for surgery if I was going to be able to do the half marathon that I have already registered for on April 30th and he told me I should be able to, I might have to walk it instead of run it, so I am planning on walking it depending on how the rest of this week goes. One good thing is the race is on a Saturday and I will have the rest of the weekend to recover before the week starts over again!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog updating and accountability.

There is a direct link from the number of times I update my blog and the number on the scale - when I'm posting frequently and staying accountable the scale goes down and when I don't - well you know...

There has been some stress eating in my life right now - I have to have surgery on Tuesday morning and the thought of having stuff done to my body kinda worries me. Once I get through that though it will be at least two weeks of no or very little activity. I had to give up my 11 miler on Saturday so I went out to the pond and cheered everyone out and then met everyone at the aid station and encouraged them from there as well! It was great still being out there. On Sunday I got in a bike ride (which was followed by a very large and high point meal) but I needed to be out with friends and get my mind off things for a bit. I have only had surgery once before and this is a more involved procedure so I'm nervous, but it will also be interesting to see how my body heals and responds to anesthesia now that I'm not Obese.

The one thing I am debating on is when should I step on the scale and asses the damage. I was thinking of doing it Tuesday morning before surgery since my wonderful hubby is going to be basically controlling my meals and will keep me on track (there is really nothing bad to eat in our house, I'm not going to be able to run out myself to get stuff and the youngin' isn't old enough to drive!) - but then again the hubster will also get me pretty much whatever I ask for since he does know I eat for comfort. I also probably don't need another thing hanging over my head on Tuesday morning.

On another note - on the first of January there was a 100 day challenge set up by John Bingham and it got HUGE! There was a calendar and a website and I was thinking - I wanna do that!! Well for me it lasted less than 3 weeks, but for my - Daughter in law Jess - she rocked it!! She completed the 100 day challenge and I'm sure she learned a lot in the process!