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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!!

I had such a great time again today!! I learned I am in the red 15:00 group (which means I'm a beginner runner and I should be running a 15 minute mile) - my coach is Chris and he is really great. We are a small pace group, but that makes it easier I think. We did intervals of 2 minutes running and 1 minute walking. There was me and one other girl (Heather) that was just a little faster than our group - I think we need to be in a 14:30 group but they don't have one yet. I also learned that my Garmin that I bought will help me do my intervals. I know I should have read my book, but I didn't and I will sit down today and read it, because they set up the intervals on it and it would beep every time we were supposed to change! So cool!!! All this time I thought it was cool because I could see how far I ran and how fast my pace time was! I was really tired at the end of the run, but felt great if that makes any sense at all! It also got very warm very fast out there - when we first got there it was cool and then on the way back in I could really feel the sun beating down on me. On the way home I went by REI and bought a water bottle hip pouch thingy. It looks like this, but is black.


Dsac said...

It was another great day at Sac Fit, wasn't it?! I am in the Purple (walkers) group. I maintained a 16:30 pace; we walked for 46 minutes. A good challenge. I know you will like having the fanny pack water bottle "gizmo". I bought one at REI yesterday, so I had it with me today-and I used it! The trail was busy today so we got a lot of practice getting out of the way!
Keep up the good work!

~Tammy said...

You have caught the runner's bug! I love it, really I do.

You're buying the goods, waist water belt, the garmin. I have the belt and want the Garmin soooo bad. I think I'm going to wait on that until after I sell my house and move to my new one, so probably next spring. I so love to hear about your running. Your attitude has changed so much, even in the last couple weeks. You are awesome!!!!!

Big hugs!