My Weight Loss Ticker!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Continuing to make progress!

It's amazing what sticking to goals regularly can do! (Oh and working out 6 days last week doesn't hurt either!)

I did great on The Hubsters birthday - tracked everything and even though we unexpectedly ended eating out two meals instead of just one, I had done so well with the choices I made at lunch time that I felt I could splurge a little at dinner and I tracked and it was within my points (Of course I used flex points as well..) and I didn't go into the negative. We also made it a very active day by parking the car downtown and walking all over the place (6 miles total for the day!)

Saturday was Sacfit and I went with the Rowdy Reds again (they do 3 running and 1 walking interval) - I really miss running so much. I do appreciate a nice brisk walk, but sometimes, you just need a good therapeutic run to kick some things to the curb! that is just what I needed on Saturday.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I went from 169.1 to 166.9! Down 2.2 pounds for the week and only 2.4 pounds from being able to weigh in within 2 pounds of my goal weight! I'm so close now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

So as the saying goes if it isn't broke don't fix it - so my 3 goals will remain the same.

Workout 4 days this week.
No eating out or splurging unless I have the points available.
100% tracking

I achieved all three last week and actually exceeded my workout goal and did 6 days!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Sunday Goal update!

So this week went well - I achieved my goals and the scale had me down .9 this week!

Saturday we went to the gym and I worked out on the elliptical. I'm not a fan and in the past I have never made it more than 20 minutes or so. I did 36 minutes and I probably could have done more, but the Hubster was bugging me to quit and the episode of Law and Order I was watching had ended so I stopped there. I figured out my problem on it was I wouldn't relax and I was always too tense. When I loosen up and let my body do what it wants to do then I'm fine!

I'm going to continue with the same goals again this week without adding anything new.

Workout 4 days this week.
No eating out or splurging unless I have the points available.
100% tracking

Again we have a meal out planned (Tomorrow is the Hubsters birthday) and I have already looked at the menu, decided what to eat and it is in my tracker for tomorrow. I will go over points, but since Sunday is the first day of my week I have flex points for it.

The following week will be challenging for me because the Hubster has a business trip which will leave me on my own for dinners. I have already made a trip to Trader Joes and gotten some things for me to eat but those days will be very long and I'm worried about balancing everything myself.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Randomness from my mind today...

So this week was a very good week - I got back on track - I journaled 100% (even the two really bad meals we had in San Francisco to start the week off and the cupcake!), I worked out 4 times this week, I felt in control and in charge, and I was rewarded on the scale - I went from 176.8 to 170.0! I have to put this loss into perspective so I don't expect those same results every week. I went from doing very poorly to doing really awesome pretty much overnight. I worked very hard at all 4 of my workouts and made it through a Zumba class just for something different to shake things up. I made sure not to undereat - which is where I usually get into trouble - I used all of my flex points and almost all of the activity points that I earned this week.

I'm going out to breakfast with my mom on Monday and I have already planned out my meal that I'm having. I'm not having the worst thing on the menu - it is middle of the road and I'm going to use flex points and I feel comfortable doing that because I already have the rest of the week planned out.

I have set 3 goals for the rest of the month.

1 - 100% tracking - the good the bad and the ugly - everything goes into my tracker!
2 - Workout 4 days a week - I would like to do more, but I know that 4 days is fair and anything else is icing on the cupcake!
3 - No eating out or splurging unless I already have the points for it! - This is a big one, too many times I will eat something and end up trying to work harder towards the end of the week to work it off. I need to work it off first - no exceptions!

The hubster and I sat down and planned our meals for the week and I feel confident that this will be another awesome week! With every good decision I make I get that much closer to being back at my goal weight!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I have learned a lot, but still have a ways to go...

Weight Watchers has taught me so much - I always say if my weight loss hadn't taken me 2 1/2 years I would not have learned many of the lessons I needed to keep my weight off. There is one important lesson that I have yet to learn though - eating out.

For many years I didn't allow myself to eat out and when I did it was a special occasion or a treat so I didn't order low point food, I splurged and never really taught myself to eat out and still stay in control. That method is fine when I only ate out occasionally - but lately our family has been eating out more often and that has led me to my current situation. I'm above goal - by a lot.

I need to learn that just because we got out doesn't mean it is a special occasion - sometimes it is by necessity. That means I need to stay on track and not act like it is a special occasion. Just because we are in a restaurant it doesn't mean I can eat whatever I want and it doesn't count. My body knows what I ate and it will act accordingly.

Yes I could go back to not eating out - but will I learn anything by that? Obviously not - I need to make better choices when I eat out, check the menu before I go there - figure out what to order and stick to that choice. If I choose to splurge on something I need to make sure I have the activity or the points in the bank to justify it. Work it off first - then splurge.

So that is my major goal for this month - plan better when it comes to eating out and earn activity first so I can justify my treats. The weight I have gained will come back off if I stick to this plan.

I have to keep my eyes on the most important rule - this is a lifestyle - not a diet - this is for life and I need to start treating it that way.