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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!!

The word for today is HOT! - I had already told myself I wouldn't push it today since it was so hot already first thing in the morning. I did 1 mile out and 1 mile back - for a total of two miles - we were supposed to do 58 minutes, but I turned back at around the 15 minute mark. There was actually three in our group that came back the same time. I stayed for the talk on stretching which was very interesting and informative and I even got used as an example! Our coach wants us to try and extend our intervals this week to 3 and 1 so I will see how that goes this week. I'm also considering a schedule change again - I will go to the Sunday weight watchers meeting with Cara so then I can get up on Mondays and get my run in - I work late on Mondays so it is hard to get it in unless I do it in the morning. I know everything is trial and error, so we will see how it goes this week!

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~Tammy said...

Kudos to you listening to your body. When it's too hot, it's just too hot!

Your tweaking of the schedule is just finding what fits for you and that is awesome. When I can be flexible with my schedule and life (not often) I find I'm most content then and good things happen.

Good luck with the 3:1's