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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Change is not always bad right??

Well I had to make a big decision tonight and I hope I made the right one...

I joined - they are a walking/running training group that I think will be better then me trying to run on my own, they offer so many things including a personlized training schedule and people to help me along the journey I'm currently taking.

The bad part? I have to change weight watchers meetings. I love my leader and the people I have been attending these meetings with and the sacfit program is at the same time as my current meeting. My leader only does Saturday mornings now due to her new job. I will also be changing locations as the current location doesn't have any meetings I can make.

I know deep down this will be very good for me, but I can't help but be sad about not being able to see the rest of the gang I hang out with either.


~Tammy said...

I don't handle change all that well.

Good luck with the new running group! It is funny I'm hesitant to join a group, I very much like running on my own other than I will wimp out *sometimes* in pushing myself hard enough.

xsquared said...

That group sounds terrific! What a shame they are at the same time. But you know, you'll meet new people at the new center, and your new leader may have new insights for you, things you hadn't thought about with your regular leader, so it could be a good thing. But I totally understand the sadness.