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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sacfit Saturday!

The dream - We ran 8 miles today - it was glorious!

The reality - we ran 8 miles and it rained on us almost the entire time! Did I say rained - oh I meant POURED! There was a short section when we were about 2 miles from finishing where it stopped raining and I made the mistake of taking off my jacket because I was getting warm, but then of course the sky opened up again and it was too much trouble to get the soaking wet jacket back on over my now soaking wet shirt so I just dealt with it.

My wonderful hubby was waiting at the finish with a skinny vanilla latte - which is big for two reasons - 1. he couldn't run today because we didn't have a sitter so he could have just stayed home in the warm house and 2. he had to go into a coffee shop and order a skinny vanilla latte - a guy who orders coffee - nothing fancy!

And then the kicker for the day - I forgot how quickly you cool down in the rain, so I waited too long to stretch and when I did I overstretched my left leg and now it is sore. I'm sure it will get better quickly, but there is always that nagging voice in my head that says "what if it doesn't - what if it gets worse - what if you can't run next week dummy!" I really need to find a way to shut that voice up! LOL!! I will go back and watch my Friday motivation again...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Some Friday Motivation!

I was reading blogs this morning and headed over to Running is Funny and he had a countdown of some great running commercials. I loved them all - but the last one - really spoke to me today - take a look!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sacfit Saturday!

So things today were a little different - we did the Cooper Workout - I have a love/hate relationship with this workout since it is very hard to do and my lungs hate doing it, but it is a great indicator of how far I have come from season to season.

This season I ran further again - by almost half a lap and was very close to completing 5 laps in 12 minutes! I believe this will give me the confirmation that I am in the right pace group for me and I have earned my spot in the faster group! My actual stats are - 1.22 miles in 12 minutes making my average pace 9:51! Granted this is not my long run pace, but our coach crunches the numbers and based on those figures places us in a group he knows we are capable of running with.

Sunday is the Hubsters birthday and we are really just celebrating today - we are going bowling with his workplace and then to a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory! Can't wait!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tweaking the Workout Schedule!

I am going to try something that I have been considering doing for quite a while now - I'm going to try and get my workouts done in the morning. Logan's school schedule and my work schedule means I can not go to the gym before work, but since I can run at home and ride the bike on the trainer at home I can do both those things before he even gets up in the morning. When I get off from work it is dark still so I can't run on the trail like I want to anyway and riding the bike outside is also out of the question for the same reason. I will do my running and my bike at home and on Wednesday night I will go and swim after work. The rest of the week I will be free to come home after work and actually eat at a descent hour and spend some time with my family (I don't even get off work until 6PM - getting me home at 6:45 if I go straight home and almost 8-8:30 if I workout after work) It will mean getting up earlier, but if I can pull this off it will be good for my family. I'm not good with change but the way I see it, I had to put some pretty drastic changes into place to get me to my 100 pound weight loss, my fitness level as it is and for me to complete a marathon so this is just one more change I hope I will adapt to quickly! Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Ramblings!

Well on Saturday there was a 7 mile run - I rocked it! It was very nice, but I was so tired at the end of it I was worried I was going to fall asleep driving home! I came home, ate lunch and took a long nap, followed by dinner out (usually a no-no the day before weigh in day) and then back home to go to bed. I still feel like my body is fighting off getting sick and some days are better than others.

Sunday morning the Wii fit had me up 3 pounds from the day before (the reason eating out on Saturday is a no-no! - salt is bad) So I did go to my meeting but didn't weigh in. Since I am lifetime now I only have to weigh in once a month but will still keep an eye on things to make sure I don't creep too far up (and I do want to still lose - but I'm pretty darn happy where I'm at right now). I have already weighed in for February.

Sunday after WW was my new favorite breakfast - Pancakes, strawberries and Nutella! Yummy! Then we met my older son at his house downtown and walked to the running store to look around, then to the bike shop to finally buy his graduation present. We decided to go out to eat today as well, it was nice being able to take my older son out - we don't get to spend much time with him because of work schedules and such. We ate at a little Mexican restaurant and it was soooo good - then we went next door to Rick's dessert diner and picked up couple of desserts to go. I'm starting my week in a major hole, but you know - sometimes you just need to do it!

On Monday Tri training officially starts. I kinda started it a week early, but then didn't get two of the workouts in due to feeling icky - so this week I need to do better. The weather here has been so beautiful and I think the walk today in the sun did me some good. I'm still very tired, but maybe once and for all I can get a good nights sleep and kick this!

So in case anyone is wondering what my Tri-Training schedule looks like here it is!

Monday - Bike and Run
Tuesday - Run
Wednesday - Bike and Swim
Thursday - Run
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Run day with Sacfit (long run)
Sunday - Swim

I look at this schedule and think "That is a lot of activity points!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A weekend post!

The last few days I have felt myself coming out of the "fog" and feeling more like myself - getting my joy back and getting back to normalcy. It is good to be back!

It was a good week for workouts, it was a good week for food!

Workouts - I worked out 4 out of 7 days this week - including my long run with Sacfit on Saturday (6 miles!). Sacfit was with a faster pace group than I used to run with and I will continue to run with them - as the pounds have dropped and I get more miles under my belt my speed has improved.

Food - Started the week at Bucca DiBeppo (holy bread consumption Batman!) but tracked everything the best I could and stayed 100% on track the rest of the week to make up for it!

Weigh In - I have been within my goal range since hitting goal, but have found myself creeping up past my comfort zone weight wise the last couple of weeks due to eating out more than I really should - so today I was weighed in down 1.8 pounds bringing me back down below my goal weight which I am very happy for!

Looking forward to next week - I'm just hoping to not get really sick - my body has been doing its best to fight off a cold that everyone seems to have had (including my younger son and hubby) one day my throat is sore then next day I'm fine, the next day it is sore again and my head hurts and the next day I'm fine again. I have been playing this game all week and today I'm going to rest and try to kick it to the curb once and for all!

Also since the topic of our meeting was "Loving yourself" - I feel I should share whatI did this week to love myself. I bought an Itunes gift card for myself so I can put more workout music on my Ipod and I made the time to get my workouts in no matter how hard it was. I also took some time to do something that I don't normally do - I made food! I made a No-Oil balsamic dressing from the Whole Foods website (very good!) and I also made some homemade energy bars for before/after my workouts. That may not sound like much to you, but those who know me well, knows that hubby does most of the cooking since he gets off work way earlier than I do, so for me to even go into the kitchen and prepare something (that isn't cake) is a huge step for me!