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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I forgot week 47's weigh in!

I just realized I forgot to write about my other weigh in! My week 46 weigh in was on Saturday and I decided I would go back on monday and try out that leader - I was already familiar with her and I spoke with her and she was so nice! I took in the picture of the 5K and she celebrated it with the group. I also went a head and weighed in since it was tecnically a new week, but it has only been two days since I had weighed last and lo and behold I was down 1.2!! So I lost most of the weight that I gained the week before. So I will now be doing either Sunday morning meeting or Monday morning meetings with Cara - she is so great and has such an energy about her! It is infectious!!

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~Tammy said...

Your attitude is what is most infectious! Congratulations on your loss!!!