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Saturday, January 30, 2010

An overdue Lifetime/100 pound party post!

On January 10th - I hit 100 pounds lost - so the next week my leader threw me a 100 pound party - which would also be the day I would celebrate making lifetime! My leader asked people to bring in 100 things to give to me. One person brought me 100 viola seeds and a beautiful card. Another brought me Noodles because I should I could use my noodle through my journey and Rubber band because I have "stretched and stretched" and also because I was always able to bounce back to weight watchers no matter what happens. Another brought me a 100 piece puzzle because I put my life back together one piece/pound at a time and it is a Lightning McQueen puzzle because I have stayed on track (so clever!!)! I also got a baggie of cheerios and a baggie of marshmallows. Also in this pictures is my lifetime key and my lifetime card! With everything that had happened since the first of the year I was very emotional.

My hubby got up and talked about how my weight loss has not only changed me physically, but every aspect of my life had been changed. He saw a very strong person at the hospital and sees a very different person than I used to be on a daily basis. He gave me this beautiful necklace.
I have had some pretty hard times lately - my wonderful hubby summed it up in an email to me one particularly rough day when I was wondering how to get myself out of this funk I have been in.
He wrote "Up until now you have had goals - a marathon, Nike, hitting your WW goal, hitting 100lbs lost and making lifetime. You reached all of those goals within a few months and in the midst of that you had an unexpected life changing event that made all of your goal seem trivial. Now you are feeling guilty for having those "trivial" goals when something devastating was narrowly avoided in the middle of achieving those goals.

You need to realize that what happened to Matt was completely out of your control and accept that. As far as we know it was out of everyone's control including Matt's. The best we can do is learn from this and be thankful he was in such good hands at Kaiser.

Now you need to set some new goals and use Matt's recovery as a springboard instead of a shackle."
So I have committed to three things - one that I have already experienced and two that I have not. One - I am registered for the Parkway Half Marathon (May 1) - it is our running groups goal race - May 1. Two - I have committed to running with the gold 12:30 group which is a faster pace than I ran last season. Three - and this is the biggie - I have registered for a Sprint Triathlon (June 5th)- I know I can do the run, I'm pretty sure I can do the bike, but unsure on the swim portion and not sure if I can do them all back to back! This is very much out of my comfort zone (especially being seen in public in a swim suit!) but I think it will give me the focus that I need right now. Official triathalon training starts the week of February 15th and I will just work in my run days in the training schedule to keep me on track for the half marathon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another update on my older boy!

First I must say he is doing so well - last Friday at a recheck with his regular doctor he was told he could do without the oxygen at home and on Monday he is going back to work. The doctor again told him how lucky he was and gave his the pneumonia vaccine and basically a clean bill of health!

Secondly I'm so excited - I get to see him tomorrow! He is coming out to Sacfit with Jess (His finacee) to see what we do and to meet a few of my friends that came by to see him at the hospital even though they didn't know him. He is not a runner - he is more of a sit and watch type of person, but just the fact that I get to see him makes me happy!

And thirdly - I have a confession to make. I was a rock through all this - I wanted to be strong for everyone else and I feel that I did and now that things are better - I'm a mess. I'm in a fog that I can't get rid of, things are different and that is pretty much the only way to explain it. I went to Weight Watchers and made lifetime on Sunday and have really struggled with lots of emotions - happy and not happy. I have neglected lots of things that are important to me - including my blog and my workouts and I know I just need to get back on the horse, but how do I do that when things are different? This may not make much sense, but it is the only way I know to explain it. I appreciate, more than you know, the love and support I have from everyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sacfit Saturday!!

So after recovering from the ankle injury and not running since December 6th I was cleared by my sports medicine doctor to try out a 10-15 minute run on Thursday and see how the ankle felt. If I had no pain for the next day then I could run with my group on Saturday! Well it went super and I ran with the group today! 36 minutes total - 2.5 miles! It felt so good to be back out there and running! I actually ended up not runnng "with" a pace group but there was a bunch of us out there - so I wasn't really alone, I did go out with our head coach but she turned around early to bring another group in. I hadn't really planned on going out the whole time, but felt so great I did! I cried at the end of my run - it is such a stress relief, I missed it so much and with everything that has been going on, it was so good to have something back that is so important to me!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy day weigh in post!

I didn't know really what to expect with everything that was going on - people would bring me food at the hospital and I would have to eat, but of course it wasn't the best things for me and I couldn't worry about that, I needed to eat to keep my strength up. That resulted in a 4 day void in my tracker where all I could do was start over. Once I got back into my routine I stuck to my daily points and was very careful. I did indulge in dessert and a couple of little snacks at bunko on Friday night, but over all, the time I was tracking was good. The result? I lost 3.8 pounds (that was a two week loss) - and my total weight loss is now 100.3 pounds! I still can hardly believe it myself. I was so worried because the last time I weighed in was after Christmas and I had a gain and was exactly 2 pounds over my goal weight - I was worried I would either still be up, or up more and wouldn't make lifetime next week. Now I an look forward to hitting lifetime next Sunday!

Oh and just because I love to see it in print - My total weight loss is 100.3 pounds!! I have lost 100 pounds!!! 100 pounds gone! Forever!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Another update on my boy and me!

He is home! Yay! He has come so far - but still has a ways to go. He was sent home with oxygen and is still recovering from the pneumonia - but is very happy to be at home with his fiance who will take great care of him!

Tomorrow is the first day of Sacfit and I can't wait to see all my friends again! I'm still not cleared to run, but for the first several weeks will be out on the trail on my bike making sure everyone stays safe. This season will be so exciting - my son's fiance is joining and I'm super excited to see her train for her first half marathon! She is going to do awesome!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An update on my boy and me!

Matt is doing so much better. He is in a regular room now and looking so good. He still get very winded after getting out of bed, but the fact that he is able to do as much as he is doing right now still amazes me. As I look back on the last 4 days sometimes it seems so long and other times it seemed like it flew by. The progress he has made is miraculous - there just isn't any other word for it.

I came home last night (Monday night) and got a good solid 10 hours of sleep and on Wednesday I will go back to work. Now that he is out of ICU I think the best thing for me is to get back into my routine that comforts me and not sit either at the hospital or at home and worry all day. He is in good hands and there isn't really anything I can do for him. I will go and visit after work. It is kinda weird going about everyday business now though...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Where do I start post.....

Because there are people out there who read this regularly and are probably wondering why there were no entries for the weekend I felt I should say something.

On Friday night my older boy Matt was taken to the ER after having what we thought was a seizure due to his high fever. His fiance called an ambulance after he fell out of bed and was stiff and non responsive to her. After getting there they find he has pneumonia and that the infection has spread to his blood and he is very critically ill. He had almost no blood pressure and it takes them a while to stabilize him. By the time we get to the hospital he is on a ventilator and on drugs to sedate him and drugs to raise the blood pressure. He is finally moved to ICU upstairs and shortly after getting into the ICU he had to be resuscitated when they lost his pulse. He is our miracle boy right now. As of writing this on Monday morning he has been taken off the blood pressure medication, off the ventilator and he is holding his own. His body is still battling the pneumonia that he had really bad in one lung and it had spread to the other one and is still fighting the blood infection, but things are so much better than they were even just 8 hours ago.

I for the most part have been very surprised at how strong I have been during the whole situation. I have also been amazed at the amount of support I have gotten from my wonderful friends. I am a much more active person and I have so many great friends now who have stepped up to make sure that we have everything we need. I am also very humbled and reminded about how fragile life is and how in an instant things can change.