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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sacfit Saturday and Sunday Shopping!

So on Saturday we ran our taper run of 5 miles - it went great! I ran in the almost new shoes and they felt wonderful - I don't think I'm going to have any trouble with them at all for the Half-Marathon next weekend. My goal for the half is a personal record time of under 2:56. I will be happy with 2:55:59 honestly. I have lots of friends running this race - most of our running group - several peeps from Weight Watchers and most importantly my future daughter in law will run and complete her first half marathon! It promises to be a great day!!

Sunday we went shopping for my dress to wear to the wedding and found a great one! The best part ever? It is a size 12! I would have never had tried on that size if it wasn't for Jess - my future daughter - she brought me that size after the 14 I had on had extra room where it should not have! I also got a great pair of shorts from the Gap (a store I could never shop in when I was at my heaviest) and they are a size 8 and I got a nice pair of pants in a size 10 for only 9 bucks! Shopping is really cool now that I can pretty much go anywhere and buy pretty much anything! I really need to get out there more and explore the malls!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

Another pair of shoes that is! I ran most of last season in these including my full marathon and now almost all of this season. I have been having mild foot and leg pain and was in denial about my shoes until I took them into the running store to ask them to confirm what I already knew. It is so amazing how attached to my shoes I get - they are like old friends getting me where I want to be, but it was easier tossing these than it was my previous pair - so I am getting better! I have a second pair of these shoes that have only a few miles on them and I will be using them for the 5 mile run Saturday and my midweeks leading up to my half marathon on May 1st! Keep your fingers crossed for a quick break in period!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another weekend down...

Seems like all I ever do is post once a week and then run away....

Saturday was long run day with Sacfit - 14 miles on the lesson plan - The first nine went great! - Then my nasty asthma flared up again (I dislike allergy season), had to take my inhaler and walked in the last 5 miles with my heart beating so fast I could hardly stand it. I have learned from this however and I have an email to my doctor for my preventative inhaler refill and hopefully that will take care of this problem. The rest of Saturday was a sit around and do pretty much nothing day!

Sunday I skipped my WW meeting again (I don't like that trend...) and got a few things done before going to my soon to be daughter in laws bridal shower. The shower was fun I enjoyed the company and the food (Yummy cake!) and there are incriminating photos of me out there wearing a toilet paper wedding dress! I'm sure they will be posted when they make it my way.

So to summarize the weekend - 14 miles done, but not as planned - weighed at home, still at goal - cake was consumed, very tasty - laundry not completely done, too tired...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend in review!

What a busy weekend! Saturday I stopped by for a quick weigh in to get my April sticker on my lifetime bookmark - since I only have to officially weigh in once a month. I couldn't attend a meeting this weekend due to my Sunday activity. Then I went out with my sacfit running buddies and we waited to start our run until our fearless leader came by on the trail - when he passed us he was on roughly mile 8 of his 50 mile race! He looked great and I heard that he finished and did well! We started our 8 mile run and my asthma got the best of me at around mile 4.5 - I had to stop and take my inhaler and get things under control. The good part though is once the meds kicked in I was able to resume my run and just ended up running alone on the way back - not really a big deal, but it was kinda lonely.

Sunday we got up and went to the Zoo Zoom 5/10K race - My hubby, Oldest son and future daughter in law was running it and I was the cheering section along with my younger son who pretty much spent most of the race bored out of his mind. It was so weird being at a race that I wasn't running in! I'm happy to report they all did well!

After the race we walked around the zoo for a bit and looked at the animals and then we went out to lunch and then back home. I spent the rest of Sunday in bed, I ate too much of the wrong type of foods (too much fried and greasy) and had a tummy ache. I feel much better today - but I sure can't eat like that all the time but I used to and I'm not sure how I survived!

This morning I was supposed to do my swim class but it was raining and I didn't want to get up super early and drive over 45 minutes to find out that they had canceled the class - there were also forecasting thunder showers - so I will get Wednesday's class in I hope! I hadn't planned on the rain!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Missed Anniversary!

We interrupt your web surfing to bring you this very important announcement!

April 6th was my 4 month anniversary of maintaining my weight loss!

We now return you to your regular programing! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 1 of the performance swim class!

So I did it! Both days! I got up early - and was at the gym 45 minutes from my house at 6AM for the swim class! The first day I got so many pointers and for the first time swam for a whole hour (not including time clinging to the side catching my breath!) On Wednesday I went back for more and the instructor didn't show, but there was a lady who normally teaches water aerobics there and she asked me what I was working on and she watched me swim and gave me pointers. She said it looked like I had taken everything to heart and was really working on it! My stroke looks very efficient, my kick looked strong (which was good because on Monday morning I didn't kick at all) but my breathing was still a little out of sync. The Monday guy had me practicing bilateral breathing (breathing on both sides) and the lady told me to start with just breathing on the one side that is most comfortable for now because when I try to go to both sides I go to long between breaths.

I want to make the most of the classes because I can only go to 6 more and then Logan is back in school and I can't make it to the class anymore, but so far so good!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A week of too little activity and too much food!

Just so you know I'm human and have my days and weeks I'm posting this in all it's glory! Last Sunday was my nice bike ride and then Monday was a nice brisk walk at work in the wrong shoes and socks that caused blisters on my heels, then I was worried about running because I didn't want to make the blisters worse and then I started feeling run down and tired and it turns out I was getting sick. So this week was filled with too many dinners out because I was tired and cranky after work and didn't want to eat at home and no activity. I'm ending this week in the hole by around 65 points (yes I still tracked everything...) Sacfit would have been a 12 mile run, but last night I was running a fever and congested and decided to sleep in and not run (very hard decision for me). I have stepped on the scale and I'm still within my goal weight - thank goodness for maintenance! Sunday is the start of a new week and I plan on getting back on track - but still listening to my body and giving it what it needs to get better and finding the right balance of training for the half marathon and the tri. I took a training schedule and merged my running schedule with it and I think it might have been a little much and I might possibly be over training. Time to re-evaluate!

On a side note - Starting on Monday for the next 4 weeks I'm going to attempt to get to a Performance swim class in the morning twice a week - they will be able to take a look at how I'm swimming and give me pointers and such. I can only do it this month because my younger son is out of school (year round schools here) and so that frees up my morning schedule. I figured I would shoot for twice a week, but if I can only do it once a week it is better than nothing!

March Activity Calendar!

So I really have a knack for picking out a calendar that makes it hard to see my stickers when I take a pic of it! I didn't get as much in as I wanted to and I have been horrible on swim days and even more horrible on run days. Towards the end of the month is when I started not feeling well, tired and run down and didn't get much done at all. April will be better - I need to get the training in if I'm going to have a decent time at my first tri!