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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!!

So today was this first day of the new season of Sacfit! We got cute little shoe tags that are colored to match our color groups (mine is red). We have a huge group this season - people adjust as time goes on, but for now we had around 12ish? We did 46 minutes - which ended up being 3 .08 miles and it was a great run! I will just need to adjust a little being part of a big group is very different then last year where I had an average of 3 (counting me)! After the run I took a first aid CPR class and it was pretty fun and the best part? Free lunch!! I just hope it doesn't affect my weigh in tomorrow - it is always hard when someone else is buying lunch.

So today was my first run in the "Train for the full marathon season!!" I'm excited for now, we will see what happens once we get into the higher mileage!

I forgot to mention - I wore my new medium running shorts I picked up on Thursday and they fit so well, don't chafe, don't ride up and don't make me feel self conscious!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Jenn's friend that you met at the Nike 5k last Sunday. She linked me to your blog. Nice to meet you!

jinxxxygirl said...

Bre! You are so brave! To run in a group setting like that. I would LOVE to do that. In fact i may add that to my list of 'The Year of Living Fearlessly' Which by the way its going wonderfully. I must do an update on it but i want pictures of some things first to add to the post. Running outside will have to wait though. The temps this past week were all abouve 100, like Thur and Frid 107 ,Sat 108 yesterday 104 with a hot dry wind blowing.
Yesterday i did something different at the gym. Instead of my ususal 4miles on the treadmill. I guess i was bored. Its either the treadmill i could run 16 laps around their little indoor track. But get this....16times is only 1 mile...times 4.......64laps! I'd be loopy. I'd be so dizzy somebody would have to help me out of there. So anyway back to what i did different. I ran one mile on treadmill, then pulled on the rowing machine (first time using)until i burned the equivalent calories), then ran another mile then hopped on eliptical for the same amount of calories, then ran another mile, then road the recombant bicycle for the same amount of calories. And guess what? I came up with a virgin weight this morning! 171.6!Since the scale has been superglued to 172-174 i'm psyched!I even took my body fat % at the gym yesterday thinking okay if the scale is not moving maybe the body fat level is......nope....31.8% bodyfat. I've really been trying to get below 30% Uuugh. A PT told me between 23 - 25% is a healthy range. Again...uuugh.
Sorry for the looong comment girl. I wish i could have got my daughter to SACFIT but alas it didn't happen. I think you are going to do awesome at the marathon. I'm thinking seriously of doing a half marathon in Nov. I completely walked the last one maybe i can so something like run a mile, walk a mile...LOL! Jinx!

~Tammy said...

Sounds like your new year of Sacfit is off to a great start.