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Thursday, June 18, 2009

"To the skinny Gal"

An awesome adult volunteer at the library brought me a little gift on Wednesday! Trisha has became such a great friend with wonderful things to say! We have quite a bit in common as well! Once we were talking about how little things make us anxious and I told her I knew just how she felt, that very morning I found I was running out of the peanut butter that I use on every breakfast, every morning and since the store had kinda weird hours and my schedule was so tight I was worried about running out before I could get some - later that afternoon she showed back up at my work with the peanut butter!! So back to Wednesday - she showed up with a little gift bag in hand with vanilla truffles (which were delish by the way...) and the most thoughtful card! On the front it said "To the Skinny Gal" On the inside she had written "Sabrina, you're my heroine. Trisha" The card itself is adorable as well - they truly have a card for everything - this one is specifically for dieters! On the outside it says "Exercise, Eating right, Positive Thoughts." And on the inside it says "You mean it actually works? You look great!"

This came at such a great time, I have not had a chance to reward myself for the 80 pound loss yet and I was starting to feel like the milestone came and went without much fanfare. I do like Trisha's suggestion of 80 pounds of merchandise for a reward!

I'm so blessed to have so many thoughtful and wonderful people in my life during this journey!!


~Tammy said...

Friends like that are priceless. Good for you having such a friend in your corner!

WOOHOO Skinny Girl!

Katie J said...

That is wonderful! What a nice gal and you are a heroine to my book too! Pun intended =)You should definitely do something special to mark the Milestone. A massage or facial are usually about $80 in my neck of the woods... Enjoy it whatever you do because YOU did it and YOU deserve it Bre!