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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weigh in Day!

So this week I really struggled - not really with food, but with not having any control over what my body was doing this week. I lost 3 1/5 pounds last week - and typically my body does this weird thing where it decides to compensate for that by gaining and this week was no exception. I'm just thankful by this morning it wasn't as bad as it had been all week long. I only had a .7 gain. I'm still at 80 pounds lost - but I don't have my .7 buffer I had.

This weeks meeting was about planning (right up my alley!!) and it was very small - I think there ended up only being 7 or 8 of us there! I have not seen a lot of the "regulars" there in a while. Our leader says it is always weird in the summer months, attendance drops off and we don't have many new people either. She had us all sit right in the front in a semi-circle and it made for a nice intimate meeting!

So I'm looking forward to the next weigh in - I will just keep doing what I'm doing and the gain will come back off and hopefully take some more with it!!


mak'n Changes said...

Don't sweat it kid!

Heather said...

Oh, I love it when we get to have a small meeting like that. It doesn't happen very often. Usually days like Christmas Eve, or the day after Thanksgiving. lol

~Tammy said...

A smaller meeting group would be a nice change.

That gain will be gone in no time!