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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June in review!

So I was determined to make June a kick butt month and I did just that! I weighed 186 on May 31st - today I weigh 180.2 for a total loss in the month of June of 5.8 pounds! I had a goal to workout at least 4 days each week and I met that goal as well. Out of the 30 days in June I worked out (at least 30 minutes of activity) 19 days. I tracked everything I ate and and stayed 100% on program the whole month. Now it is confession time. Is it always easy - heck no! Do I ever have days where I just want to say the heck with this all? Ummm yeah I do. Just ask my hubby who takes my calls and reads my emails and talks me back off that ledge when I want to jump! But in the long run I need this, I want this and I deserve this! I want to be at my goal weight, I want to run like the wind, I want to be healthy and I want to be active!!

I also want to thank all the people out there in blogland who stop by and read my blog and encourage me and cheer me on either here on the blog or in person!


mak'n Changes said...

You really kicked arsh this month! I was wondering if you could do another post of your ultimate goals. It would be a nice refresher for your readers.
You are doing so great!

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Congratulations on a great month, well done!!

Fatinah said...

what an inspiration! You had a great month - you ate well and exercised - you lived a healthy lifestyle for 30 days IN A ROW!! Not many bloggers can say that!


Weight Watchers Chic said...

Wow! Way to go and stay with it! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Go you! You are a stronger person than I am! Congrats and have a great July!


~Tammy said...

Great numbers for June!

I was thinking just yesterday how close to goal you are. That is incredible! You rock and I'm so proud of you!