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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday challenge...

I don't have enough stickers on my calendar this week - I started out good, but yesterday which was supposed to be a run day turned into a "It's too hot to run so I will go shopping and replace all my size 14 pants with 12's and then I will go out to dinner with hubby to celebrate Fathers Day early and then we will go buy a tv for the exercise room as my reward for hitting 80 pounds lost instead!" Did I mention it was over 100 degrees and I was going to be running at 5:30ish? What the heck was I thinking? So anyway - I got my sticker for Monday and Tuesday and will get one for Saturday (go Sacfit!!) So today I have to earn one to make my goals of four days of working out! Friday's are normally rest days so I do have to be careful what I do, but we are early enough in the season that I should be ok - I just can't do this later one when we will be running 10 + miles on Saturday! So sometime today I need to cram in at least 30 minutes of activity! Game on!


~Tammy said...

As much as you skipped a work out day yesterday it sounds like a wonderful time was had in place of it.

Enjoy your run tomorrow.

Ida said...

over 100 degrees IS too hot to run. Besides, replacing the size 14's with 12's is so much more fun! You are a real inspiration.

jinxxxygirl said...

I need to do the same thing ...replace my 14's with 12s but the 14's are not so huge they drown me so i can get away with them for a while. '

I'll be so so glad when summer is over. Give me fall, winter spring anytime.

Congrats on your new tv!