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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weight in and Week in Review!

OK so it isn't Sunday - but I needed to weigh in Saturday morning because of the 5K I'm running Sunday morning - so my week is as follows...

Exercise - GREAT! - I have 4 stickers on my calendar - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Met my goal there!

Food - GREAT! (for the most part) we did eat at Chili's today I did go over my daily points, and dipped into my flex and activity but I'm not in the negative for the week so I call that a success!

Weigh In - GREAT! - I'm at 185.2 - down .8 for the week which I will gladly take! I do however will be honest - I was hoping to have lost what I had gained at the Jazz fest, but I'm shooting for next week now! I watched my weight drop quite a bit on Monday and the steadily go back up every day following Monday.. *sigh*

Today was the first day of Sacfit and it was so cool seeing all my friends returning and seeing all the new faces excited to get started with their goals! I didn't run today, but helped cheer the new ones in and helped them take their pulses when they were finished! I run tomorrow and I'm shooting for the 40 minutes range for the 5K - last year with only two weeks of "training" I did a 46:02. This race is the first one I ever ran - Sometimes it is hard to believe I have only been running a year and other times it seems like I have been running forever!!! I will update tomorrow with race time and hopefully pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Under 40 huh? You might just kill me...


jinxxxygirl said...

Somehow i bet you do lots better than 40min! Jinx!

~Tammy said...

Look at you go, literally and figuritively. I think it is just awesome that you're now so involved with helping SacFit.

Look forward to hearing about your 5K run on Sunday.