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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sacfit Saturday!

What a wonderful day! We did a free 5 mile race as a group - it ran through the neatest little neighborhood in our area and lots of people were out on their lawns cheering us on. There were 4 or 5 people from our pace group there and we all did so well! I felt amazing after the run again and again I used the S-caps - so I thinking there is something to this! I also used a new sports gel for my during race nutrition. I got a recommendation from a friend that had done a run where they gave these out at the race and she told me they tasted just like a melted dove bar - well she wasn't kidding! Chocolate #9 is the name and I ordered it online and they have excellent service, my order was shipped out the day after I ordered and got here in two days! The best part is on the WW program it is only 1 point as opposed to most gels that are 2 points. The taste is amazing and it is low fat, vegan and low glycemic! I ordered a trial pack, but will ordering some more this weekend so I have more for the upcoming long runs.

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