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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I would have missed the train...

On Monday I was running a bit late and I'm taking light rail to work this week. I pull my car into the park and ride station and I see the light of the train coming around the corner in the distance. I run to try and catch the train. When the train stops in the station I'm on the wrong side of the train and right in the middle of the 4 cars. I run towards the back of the train with all my might and I run behind the train and around the other side to the door and just make hitting the door open button in time to make the train.

2 years ago I would have missed that train - I would not have had the energy or the ability to run and catch it.

Years ago I missed a lot of "trains". I didn't do anything active because I just couldn't. I would choose to sit and watch TV instead of going out. I would choose to stay and home and bake as a stay at home mom instead of getting out with my toddler and doing things outside. The american river in basically in my backyard and I didn't know it. We have beautiful bike trails and I didn't know it. We have great nature areas very close to us and I didn't know it. I'm not missing any trains any more!!


~Tammy said...

The entire I'm reading your blog I wasn't getting that you were trying to catch the train. I thought you had parked and were playing a little game of out running the train. Sometimes I'm a little bit funny. Let's just say it's been a long week. :)

Sandy said...

No more missed trains is an awesome victory!!!

hope you have a great week.