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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sacfit Saturday!

Today on the training plan was 11 miles, Aid stations with yummy snacks to make the miles easier, good running buddies and a raffle extravaganza at the end!

I did the 11 miles with two ladies that I always have a lot of fun with - we were right on pace until the turnaround and then we kicked it up a notch! (gotta love those negative splits!!) The aid station was super good with Payday bars, Kit Kats and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember because I only choose to have the Kit Kats and the Payday chunks. Soooo good and my reward for running (the only food related rewards I allow myself).

After the run I got a really bad headache that as soon as I drank a bunch of water and got cooled down went away (I gotta learn to hydrate better!!).

Then was the raffle - Jeff won socks - not just any socks, but 9 dollar Belaga socks that we LOVE!! and I won some shot blocks in some flavors that I haven't tried before!

So random story - on the trail as I was running I found an little plastic army man and I decided he will be strapped to my shoelaces on future runs and become my pace group mascot - he will remind us to soldier on as we run!! I will have to take a picture of him for the blog!!

Edited to add the picture! He isn't strapped in and ready to go, but that will happen tomorrow!


Julie said...

Way to go with the run... I love the army man - we do need to be soldiers when we run!!!

Way to go in your journey also - you are doing awesome!

mak'n Changes said...

I have looked forward to your blog all week! You have inspired me to start running (I'm up to 2 miles on the track) and I have looked up a local running group to join. Thank you and please keep posting.
Cindie in phoenix

~Tammy said...

Well look at you go and now with your little soldier on mascot. Love it!