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Sunday, April 19, 2009


On friday before bunco I decided to go to Nordstroms and have the professionals there figure out if my bras are getting too big - I figured they were since at least the band was moving all over the place. I love Nordstroms - they are so helpful and can take a look at me and figure out what will work. She measured and brings in some new bras and I try the first one on and it fits perfect! I love it!! It is the same brand I was wearing, just a smaller band size and a smaller cup size! Woo Hoo! Then I go over to the sportswear department and ask the very kind lady about buying a swimsuit - she picks up several, but tells me the one on the top will probably work the best - well after trying them all on - she was right, the first one is the one that felt the best and looked the best on me! I can hardly believe that I have a swimsuit now! I'm very excited to be able to go swimming at the gym now!! They had to order two more bras and a pair of board shorts to go over my suit (to cover up my thighs) but they should be here within 10 days! I also went over to the clinique counter and got some good sunscreen (yea I know I should of used it on Saturday...) and some stuff to help clear up my face a little - I think it is about time I start taking care of myself and putting my skincare into my routine.

On Satruday after the long run we went to REI to pick up an order I had shipped there (too cinch sacks from Life is good that were a really good deal) and we went over to sleep train to take a look at matresses - ours is 11 years old! We ended up buying a new mattress and the best part was they delivered it the same day!! It is so nice! Very comfy!! I don't feel a thing when hubby or the dog moves around at night. I decided to treat myself by sleeping in this morning so there will be no weigh in this week.


Ida said...

NSV's are surely the best! Congrats on all the good ones, and have fun swimming. GBY

Squishy ! said...

Yay for the swimsuit!!