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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weigh in Day!

So in the previous post I had decided to not weigh in - It was merely an excuse - I was up this morning - but it wasn't ALL running related (I do know I am up a little after really long runs though) - there were two significant, lets call them "incidents" with food his week. One was See's candy and the other was cheese.. I ran extra to make the see's one better, but the cheese incident was on friday and there was probably no making that one up. I will use my Wii weight this week, taking into account the difference between the two scales.

My weigh in at WW would have been 191.5 - that is a gain f 1.7 pounds.

I guess I was trying to convince myself if I didn't weigh in the weight wouldn't be on me, I wouldn't be back into the 190's and the two incidents never happened, but the fact is I'm not perfect and I have bad food days and I have no one to blame but myself.

I will hold myself accountable by posting my weight and work really hard this week at getting back into the 180's!

You may now go back to your reguarly scheduled program.....


Sandy said...

Know what you mean, I was there last week.

Hope you have a great week and snaps on the new bathing suit! I'm not thinking that far ahead yet, lol.

jinxxxygirl said...

Bre i thought i had started following your blog then realized i hadn't seen an update for your blog so i checked and sure enough i wasn't following! So , hear i'ammmm! I know what you mean about being back int he 190's Gggrrr...! I always want to be far enough away from a number so even when i'm up a few pounds it won't put me back at that number. Like now i'm in the 170's and i always stress about the 180's until i'am far enough down in the 170's that even on a bad day it won't put me over 180. Get it? Got it . Good! LOL!
Yeah on the bathing suit. My hubby hadn't seen me in a bathing suit in 20 years. Imagine his face when he saw me open the door of the dressing room. It was priceless. Not often do you get a chance to surprise a man who you've been married to 20 years! LOL! But the only place he'll exercise is in the pool at the gym. And i'm not missing that. So I put on my brave face, try not to think too much about what i must look like and jump in. The whirlpool afterwards is heaven and totally worth any embarressment. :) Be good and that scale will come back down. JInx!

Kudret said...

haha Please help me push into the 150s...I am stuck at 161-164lbs and I am desperately trying to shake my system up. *raises proverbial glass* Here's to the two of us losing decades!