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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!

A very eventful day!! I ran my 12 miles by myself (well not really by myself, there were a ton of us on the trail!) It was a very good run with my average pace coming in a little better than last week and I'm on track to have a PR for the half in two weeks! After the run was the family breakfast - and massage day! My family had breakfast and I got a massage and then I introduced them to a few people. It's always neat having my family out there! They will be at the finish line in two weeks as well for hubby's completion of his first half marathon!!

I'm a little sore from today - the only thing I can think of is the faster pace I maintained and that most of the run we were on pavement since we followed the race course and went up onto the levee - but then the massage could have contributed to the soreness, I'm not used to that at all! I also got too much sun with no sun screen on (I know better, really I do) We were in the car almost to the trail when I looked over at Jeff and said darn, I forgot to put sunscreen on! The lower part of my legs, my neck my arms and my face are sunburned and they stung like crazy when I took my hot bath! Oh and I wore my new shirt and it is so comfy!!

Next week is our taper week so only 4 miles! So looking forward to it and then the next weekend is the American River Parkway Half!! Woo Hoo!!

Edited to add - My little soldier dude stood on my shoe for all 12 miles! He did awesome! Of course he rally didn't do much but stand there....


Sarah said...

Way to go! Sounds like a great run :)

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Congratulations on the great run !

mak'n Changes said...

Oh wow 12 miles! You are doing great!