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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sac Fit Saturday!

Let me start by saying - Today was totally awesome!!!!

We had field trips today and all the different color groups met at different places and we had a color group picnic afterwards - the park where we met was so pretty and shaded and very quiet (well until we got there!!) - we went across the river and started our run and the only blemish on the day was my Garmin wasn't charged . I ran with the group 30 seconds faster than me and I felt really good! It was a fall back week so we were on schedule to run 70 minutes. After a while with that group, I ran ahead and joined the group 1:00 minute faster than me - and when we were about 3/4 mile away from the finish I kicked it into high gear and ran pretty much all out. I felt so good today - we did 5 miles and then we got to picnic - Betsy brought some of the best muffins that she had made with spice cake mix and canned pumpkin, they were good and only 2 points! Of course I couldn't just stop at that but had a donut hole (or two they were small!) and the most delicious brownie I have had in a long time! I think there was more, but the food was a blur! It was so nice to sit and talk and relax after such a great run!! The reason we had a venue change was that our organizer (and several other team members) were running a 50 mile race! Can you imagine?? 50 miles!! We were on the trail when a lot of them came by, they were about mile 15 at the point where we saw them and everyone looked so great!!

As I was sitting on the blanket talking to everyone after the run I noticed the way I was sitting - I had my legs up with my knees touching my chest and I had my arms wrapped around my legs. It just suddenly came to me that I had gotten into that position without even thinking about it and there was no way a year ago I could have done that. My tummy wouldn't have allowed my legs to get that close to me!

Anyway - it was such a great day - after the run we went and had new tires put on my car, did some shopping and then came home, had a wonderful dinner and we have been relaxing ever since!!

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I'm wondering how does one get involved in q running group?