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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Biggest Loser Blog Edition Weigh In!

So since the meeting center is closed today for Easter I will be weighing it at the center tomorrow, but I needed to report my weight to the BLBE today - so I figured out what my Wii weight was last week - and figured the difference between the WW scale and the Wii scale (I do the two weights within 30 mintues of each other on weigh in days) and will be using my wii weight plus the difference between the two scales.

The weight I reported to team angie is 189.7 - which is down 2.7 pounds from last week!

On Tuesday I had a huge drop in weight (3+ pounds), which I maintained until Friday, then I two gains, but then today I was back down which is amazing since I'm usually up the day after a long run (I would weigh in on Monday's but I LOVE the sunday morning meeting leader and people!!)


mak'n Changes said...

You are doing just amazing!

Kudret said...

CONGRATS GIRL!!!!! You are doing amazingly well and are an inspiration for me this week!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

that is stupendous! Congrats:)

~Tammy said...

Great loss! WOOHOO.

I think I'm on coffee and chocolate overload, because of this. Your last paragraph, I read it in my head at about 100 mph. Did you think it that fast when you formed it in your head and typed it? :)

Great job on the loss again.

jinxxxygirl said...

Wow! You are doing so good!!!!!!Thank you for following my blog. You run FAR! I'm thinking of doing another half marathon within the next year. I said i would never do another one unless someone did it with me. But i find i'm missing it. I've only done one but it was such an awesome experience. You are so lucky to have friends to run with. All my friends admire me for what i've accomplished but have no desire to join me in the madness. :) LOL!Keep up the good work. The closer you get to goal the harder it will be to lose but we can do it! I set my goal at 150. I'am 20 pounds away and it has been tough. I was losing 5 pounds a month pretty consistantly until i hit the 180's, now i'm 171 but that last 10 pounds was a bear! Be tough! Be strong! We will do this! My daughter lives in Sacramento. She loves it there. She is scheduled to do the Bay to Breakers are you?Jinx!

Anonymous said...

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