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Monday, April 13, 2009

Weight Watchers Weigh In!

So today at my official weigh in - I was 189.8! - I'm officially in the 180's!!! That is a loss this week of 2.6 pounds!!! I was very excited!! I still am for that matter! I'm just hoping I can stay in the 180's next week and not creep above. Almost forgot to add - that is 72.7 pounds lost!!

Also on Saturday I did my measurments and from 2/21 to 4/11 I have lost (and then the total from 9/07)
Upper Right Arm - No Change (total loss - 4.25 Inches)
Waist - .5 (total loss - 8 inches)
Hips - 1.25 (total loss - 7.5 inches)
Right Thigh - .5 (total loss - 3.5 inches)
Chest - 1.25 (total loss - 6.5 inches
Chest (Band size) - 1.25 (total loss - 4.75 inches)


spunkysuzi said...

Way to go!! A big congratulations :)

Anonymous said...


mak'n Changes said...

U are doing amazingly! Congrats on dropping out of the 190's! Just do some extra exercises this week and you'll stay in the 180's. I'm very happy for u!

Kudret said...

Holey Moley that's a lot of inches lost. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soo proud of you.