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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where are you now? - Mary Higgins Clark

Review From Publishers Weekly - Bestseller Clark (Where Are the Children?) spins yet another imaginative tale of murder and deceit. Every Mother's Day over the 10 years since Charles Mack MacKenzie Jr. disappeared from Columbia University just before his graduation, Mack has phoned his mother in Manhattan to let her know he's all right, but otherwise reveals nothing. In the meantime, Mack's lawyer father has perished in the 9/11 tragedy. Now Mack's younger sister, Carolyn, a graduate of Columbia and Duke Law School, where Mack was intending to go, tells him during his annual call that she's going to find him. When a note from Mack turns up in the collection plate at St. Francis church, asking Father Devon MacKenzie, his uncle, to tell Carolyn not to look for him, she becomes even more determined to do so. Based on a real story, as Clark notes in her acknowledgments, this novel of suspense will keep readers guessing to the nail-biting conclusion.

I really liked this book, I have never read Mary Higgins Clark before and I wasn't diispointed! It kept me guessing right to the last minute!!


~Tammy said...

I only read a little bit of the description. I find authors/publishers give away too much information on the jackets. This one sounds like a good one.

Megan said...

I just love MHC! She spoke at my library when I was in high school, and she has such an interesting life story. I haven't read one of her books in ages, I should pick one up for vacation next month.

Fun fact - she lives just a few towns from me!