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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Darkest Evening of the Year - Dean Koontz

Description from Wikipedia - Amy Redwing's risk-taking on behalf of desperate dogs is legendary. With money she inherited from a source she will never discuss, she founded and runs a group that rescues abandoned or abused golden retrievers. She has a treasury of astonishing rescue stories -- and she'll be broke by the time she's 40 if she carries on funding the work. Is it this reckless devotion to her work that prevents her making a commitment to the love of her life, Brian McCarthy? It seems so when a particularly thrilling and bizarre rescue brings Nickie into her care. Nickie is instantly recognized as pack leader by Amy's own two dogs, and her bond with Amy is like no other dog's. But at this moment of joy an unknown and dangerous person arrives on the scene. Amy believes her attacker is Wes Greeley, just released from an 18-month jail term for egregious animal cruelty thanks to Amy's testimony. Subtle intrusions escalate into terrifying assaults on everything Amy holds dear. If Greeley is the culprit, it's clear he's not working alone. At last, Amy understands her need of Brian, and a lot more that has been hidden by her passion. Unable to turn to any authority, Amy and Brian are pressed to the edge of a precipice in Koontz's most emotionally devastating thriller that races with inexorable speed to a wrenching climax.

I had never read a Dean Kootz book before and even my husband looked at me funny when he saw me reading this, but I thought it was good. Very unpredictable - some things come out at you from left field, but all in all a good book!

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