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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sacfit Saturday!

I had the best run ever!! We did 10 miles and everything felt really great! I had worked with a couple of coaches on my form and posture after the track workout on Tuesday and when I put into place what they had taught me, I felt great and didn't have any of the hand swelling that I normally have. I stayed right on pace all run and finished so Happy with myself! What a great feeling!! The organizer also told us about a newly organized marathon in November and I'm seriously considering doing it. The course is the same trails that I run with the group and there will be a ton of the group doing it.

I also tried out a new pair of shorts that worked so great, they didn't ride up at all, they are a little longer so they cover up my upper thighs and they have built in tights that are sewn in so they prevented the usual chafing. I did have some chafing in two other places - I wear a heart rate monitor and the sensor chafed pretty bad (and half way through the run I realized I didn't even turn it on!!) and my new armband for my Ipod chafed under my arm. Two more places to put the body glide next week! Live and learn!!

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