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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!!

Well my run on Saturday was interesting...

I was supposed to do 11.5 miles and I was looking forward to it all week - on Friday I start not feeling well, headachy, sinus pressure etc... Thanks for sharing your cold with me son! So Saturday I go - fully intending on turning back early if I start feeling bad. I stop at the drug store on the way there and grab some sinus meds that make me feel pretty good and I start the run. My group stops at the bathroom and with my problem with my hip, I don't want to take the chance of stopping so I press on in between two other pace groups. I do fairly well and after I pass the 5 mile mark out I get very interested in the surroundings since I had never been that far out before. I missed the turnaround point and realized it once I hit the 6 mile out mark. OK so no big deal - 12 miles instead of 11.5 I can do this right?? Well since the other groups had turned where they were supposed to I was behind everyone and then the medicine wore off. Not gradually, just gone all at once, I felt horrible and my hose started running and the headache came back. I also started having trouble with my hip - it was the darndest thing - It hurt like crazy if I did my walk interval, but my run interval felt fine. So I just ran a little more, but slower and tried not to walk.

I made it back, but was one of the last three back and I iced my hip before I left there and got the sports therapist card - he says he can fix me up!! I took a cold bath once I got back home and I feel pretty good today. I know part of my trouble is my hip and the majority of my trouble was the cold/sinus things and I should have either stayed with a group (any group would have been good) or turned back early. But of course the bottom line is - I ran 12 miles!!! A new mileston distance for me!!

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way to go girl!!!!!

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