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Thursday, July 31, 2008

1 Year Weight Watchers Anniversary!

So today, one year ago I left a horrible doctors appointment after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was put on medication and told that I need to lose weight as well. I went from the doctors to the local weight watchers center where two lovely ladies were just packing up after a meeting. They had already closed everything down, but one of them knew if she didn't take my money and sign me up I wouldn't come back. I registered and the rest is history! When I started I was eating out at McDonald's twice a day and eating junk for dinner, I was 55 pounds heavier that I am right now. I didn't exercise, I felt horrible about myself, I felt horrible in general. My health was slowly going downhill. Today I feel great, my body just works better, My world is bigger I can do things that I couldn't do when I was bigger. I'm off the blood pressure medication and my doctor is so happy with me. I'm a runner! I feel good about myself and I'm happy with what I'm doing to change my life. Lots of our grocery budget is now spent on fruits and vegetables. I'm currently training for a half-marathon something that wouldn't have even been on the horizon before! My friends and family have been so supportive through my journey - I want to take this opportunity to thank them all, the blog comments, comments in person, the support I feel is just amazing!

To my wonderful hubby - You are my encouragement, my "filter" and my rock. I know you are always going to have something wonderful to say no matter what mood I'm in. Thanks for being there everyday and being the great cook that you are and helping me to put my needs first.


Anonymous said...

And we are very proud of you and Jeff's accomplishments, not only in the weight loss and running, but in life.

Papa and Granny

~V said...

I just want to cry I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations, you inspire me....I now need to lost 2x as much as I lost last time..I really need to get back on track

~Tammy said...

Oh, you make me so proud of you! Simple words can not come anywhere near the depth of emotion your post inspires in me!

I can't wait to travel this half marathon training with you. Something I'm afraid to do is make the commitment to a half marathon!

Megan said...

Happy Anniversary!!!