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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week 54 weigh in!

Well I sucked it up and went to the Monday meeting this week and I had only gained 1.6 pounds. One struggle I have been having was the change in meetings I did and I knew everyone from the old meeting and I don't know so many people a the new meetings I go to, so while I was eating everything in sight last week I was mourning the loss of some great people and wondering when I was going to click with the people in the other groups I am in now. So Monday I pull up to the meeting and I'm still sitting in the car wondering if I should really go in or not and I see a lady from my old meeting. I was so happy to see her!! She is a lifetime member and so encouraging!! So I go in and while I'm talking to her a second lifetime member that normally goes to my old meeting came in the door! Talk about a sign from above that I'm doing the right thing!! The meeting message was perfect for me and after the meeting I talked to another lady about some things, she said since she first started coming to the meetings a few weeks ago she has been so encouraged and inspired by my stories and my losses and the fact that I keep coming back even if I have a slip up really encourages her. I know this week everything will be OK! So far I'm doing great with no slipups at all!

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