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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week 51 weigh in!

Today I'm down 1.9 pounds - all week long I was down more than that only to wake up on weigh in day feeling puffy. I know, I know a loss is a loss, but I'm really tired of all this up and down stuff I have been doing lately. I have also realized it has taken me a very long time to get from 50 to 55 and that is kinda getting me down. I need to go and re-read my own blog posts to get my spirits back up - I'm down inches and I did have a loss this week, so I need o stop the pity party!! I am currently down 53 pounds total * And like my wonderful hubby once told me "Don't forget that what you have already accomplished is extraordinary"!!

*Results not typical.


~Tammy said...

Silly silly Bre!

This weight loss thing is a battle and a battle, I think, the likes we've never seen.

You have come so far and yes, there is a ways to go yet, but just know you're doing it. With every healthy choice you make, you win!

Don't get lost in the number and forget the wonderful strides you've made so far!

Big hugs

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

I share some of the same frustration.

I've run for years and still struggle with my weight. Soon I hope to get my weight where it's comfortable.

It sound like you've really accomplished so much with your weight management--more than most people accomplish in a lifetime, so good for you.

The incremental progress adds up.

Keep up your good work!

xsquared said...

It is so frustrating when that happens! I get so bloated before AF. But still, you lost almost 2 pounds, that's TERRIFIC! :)