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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!!

Well Saturday was challenging in so many ways...

First I ate stuff on Friday that didn't agree with my tummy, so Friday night and Satruday morning my tummy wasn't feeling well at all.

Second my older son bought a new car and wanted to show it to us, well he didn't get to our house until midnight and I had to get up at 5:30AM!

Third due to the smoke in the air I wasn't able to get my reagular weekly runs in, so I hadn't ran since the 4th of july run.

I got there and I kept trying to weigh my options and such and decided to just go with it knowing that if our pace group was too hard for me I could drop back and run with the group behind up that would be going at a slower pace. I did well at first, but then started feeling the dehydration setting in very quickly, at one point I did even tell the group that I was going to drop back, I slowed down, took in some Gu and some water with electrolytes and within a few minutes I felt great again, so I ran a little faster and caught back up with my group. We ran for a total of 98 minutes and got in 6.38 miles!

After stopping and stretching I drank my recovery drink and stayed around for the raffle and I won a pair of Balaga socks, these are the only socks I have ever run in and I love them so much - you can never have too many socks!!

I have tried to figure out if the recovery drinks are really worth it and I got my answer this week - I felt great physically after the run and even into the evening of the run when my knees usually ache, they didn't. I only wish I hadn't been so dumb the evening before the run with what I had eaten. I would have felt awesome! I also learned that I need to take in the nutrition a little earlier and more often, I need to not have the ups and downs, but a steady level of energy. Even though I have three things of nutrition with me, I only took one and by then my body was already depleated.

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~Tammy said...

Good for you pushing forward in your run even though it was a struggle.

I find the most difficult thing about running is figuring the nutrition before and after a run.