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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More races on my horizon...

I'm am an officially registered participant of the Buffalo Stampede on September 7th! It is a 10 mile run!

The next one I will be doing but am not registered for yet is the Cowtown Half marathon in October. Registration hasn't opened for that one, but I will be signing up as soon as I can.

Who can resist a race where I get a shirt with a cow on it??

I don't really "race" but since these will be my firsts official timed events in these distances I'm hoping to have very good times for me to beat next time I run these distances!!


~Tammy said...

Oh the addiction! LOL

Kudos to you for taking the running by the horns ;)

I've not run since my last organized run. I feel like all I'm doing is running around, but nothing on the street.

Megan said...

LOL - the tshirt is as good a reason as any!