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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!!

I had a great run today!! We did 7 1/2 miles and it was so pretty!! It did get a little hot before we finished, but it was good. Our coach for our pace group wasn't there so I had two choices, run with a group faster than my normal pace, or run slower than my normal pace. I felt great so I decided to run with the faster pace group and I did very well! Another thing that was a little challenging for me was the amount of hills there was on our route, but I managed pretty well. The people who run the group are so great - they knew there wasn't water stations along our route, so they set up tables with bottles of water to re-fill our bottles with. There were also signs along the route telling us where to go since this route branches off into different directions frequently. Sacfit is just so good!!

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