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Saturday, September 12, 2009

You have worn out a pair of shoes girl!

So I take my trusty runners (New balance 859's) into Fleet Feet thinking I need new insoles in them - I have some pain the bottom of my foot right behind my toes after long runs and I'm sure I have just worn the inserts down (which I had replaced not too long ago). Kristy takes a look at the inserts, the shoes and then looks at me and says - "The inserts are fine, but you have worn out a pair of shoes girl!" Here is what my trusty runners look like currently - they are ready to be stripped of Army dude and Road ID so I can put them on the new shoes I picked up today! I'm going to miss these - they have been with me through so much!

These are my new runners - the updated latest and greatest model of the previous ones! I introduce you to the New Balance 850! I heart New Balance!!


Fatinah said...

my shoes only last me around 250 kilometers.... good for you for wearing your out!!

Joanna said...

I wish I could buy shoes as often as you! I burn through a pair every 6-8 weeks!

Your new shoes are pretty and they will make you faster with no pain.

Marlinda said...

I just love your new shoes!! Those looks so comfortable and perfect!!