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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mind catching up to the body!

It has taken me a long time to put all the weight on and really only taken me a little over two years to take it off, I do find myself looking in the mirror and seeing the "true me" more and more now. I had an amazing week where I was asked to guest speak at two weight watchers meetings and I met some pretty amazing people. I know by talking to them and taking their questions I helped and inspired them, but more than they will even know - they helped and inspired me.

The leader who's meeting I was visiting (Sandy) did this wonderful introduction of me and both times I found myself totally in awe of the person that she was introducing - and then it would hit me - hey that person is me! It was also fun watching the reactions of the people when she would say that I had lost over 90 pounds. The best was this great mother-daughter team (the daughter was about my age) that I was sitting next to at the second meeting, we were talking a bit before the meeting (without revealing anything about myself) and they inspire each other and keep each other accountable and help each other out and it was so good to see them doing this together, how awesome is that?? So Sandy starts the introduction and the mom is sitting next to me and kept turning to me and saying "Wow that's amazing!!" The look on her face when I stood up to speak was priceless!

I'm closer than ever to having the Wii fit say my BMI is ideal and not overweight (by the way the Wii fit this morning has that pesky bounce back pound gone - so I'm back where I was last week..) Some days I can hardly believe that I am this person - who set out to do something and has followed through and is making my dreams come true. I have grown so much through this journey and I have met some amazing people and I hope to continue to inspire, motivate and help people - and more importantly be inspired and motivated by the great people who are in my life right now.


Ida said...

You continue to inspire so many through your blog, too. You are amazing. Continue the good fight and continue to speak to the masses who need to be inspired.

spunkysuzi said...

You definitely inspire me :) Thanks

jinxxxygirl said...

You are so great Bre! I'm so proud of you! I'm so happy for you that your making your dreams come true! Jinx!

~Tammy said...

Good for you to be inspired and inspire others. It is a win win!

You've come a long way and worked extremely hard for your success!