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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sacfit Saturday - or looking ahead into the unknown!

So today was 14 miles! The last two 14 milers that I did went badly (my first season) - but this one ROCKED!! I felt tired, but good at the end but I guess that is to be expected when you run14 miles. We went for a nice dunk in the river afterwards, the cold water on the legs feels so good and helps with recovery. We went and picked up the boy and came home and made lunch and then took a nap and now I'm still a little tired, but I feel great! My legs are not nearly as stiff as they were after I got home and I have even been wandering about the house cleaning and gathering laundry and such!

My new water belt was awesome! I never felt worried that I would be out of water and topped it off at both the aid stations. I was able to fit everything I needed in it with room to spare! The one issue I had, but I don't think it is belt related is it did hit my on my hip bones and there is still a minor red mark on both sides where the belt was against the bones, these are bones that previously I dind't have to worry about because they were under so much fat I didn't even know about them, but now they stick out some and not covered anymore so things rub against them, like my water belt, my compression shorts, my blue jeans during the week etc... Oh the problems I have!!

So on to next week which is a fall back week for us and a 10 mile race - Followed by a parade in Nevada City that my hubbys band plays in! It should be fun! The following weeks will be a new mileage for me - 15 then 16.5 for the next week! Marathon mileage here I come!!


Heather said...

14 miles?????? I can't imagine running that far. I know I will someday, but right now 6 miles kills me. lol You're doing AWESOME!!!!!

PS, we have a very similar water belt, and looooove it. Great for longer runs. I would so love a Fuel Belt, though. Maybe I'll gift it to myself for my half marathon in March. Or maybe Santa will actually give me what's on my list this year and I won't have to buy it for myself.

Rozette said...

That's awesome Bre Bre! I am feeling good about my almost 4 miles and one day hopefully will be blogging numbers like you one day! Enjoy the Holiday weekend.

Fluffy in Seabrook

Fatinah said...

mmm, I'm quite jealous that you have red spots from where your water belt rubs on your BONES!! Well done!

so glad your 14 mile run went well. impressive!!