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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My wedding band!

After reading Ida's Blog about her trying on her original wedding ring - I decided I would give it a shot too. This is the original wedding band that my hubby put on my finger when we got married when I was only 16! We have been married almost 24 years now! I had to take it off because it didn't fit after I started gaining my pregnancy weight with my first son - we got pregnant 3 months after we got married so I figured I only wore the ring maybe 6-9 months at the most. I have a second ring that is beautiful and very special to me and it fit before I started losing weight, but after the first 20 pounds came off it was too big, so what a wonderful surprise to place this on my finger and have it fit!! If someone would have told me a couple of years ago I was going to lose weight and start running and eventually fit into my original wedding band I would have thought they were crazy!! Oh ad that black thing my hand is on to take the picture? That would be my dog's head!


Heather said...

LOL about the dog's head. I didn't even notice. He's shiny! Congrats on getting back into that ring. Kent and I started dating when I was 16. We've been together a total of 20 years now. How crazy is that? More than half my life. Everyone said we would never make it because we were so young. Poop on them! They're all divorced, while we'er truckin' right along. HA!

Ida said...

I am so happy for you, Bre. It is one of the best NSV (non scale victories) I've had since I started losing weight. It means a lot to me to fit back into that size 5 1/2 ring. At least my fingers are the same size as when I was 19! (nothing else is, yet!)