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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our new bikes!!

Here are the bikes! Mine is the darker blue on without the trailer attached to it at the moment - they are Trek bikes and very nice! Last Sunday we took our first ride and we were a little ambitious. We started at one of the locations for the American river bike trail that we could park at and we went into Old Sacramento to take in Gold rush days - Well the round trip for that ride was 20 miles! So I got a little tired on the way back. (understatement)

I also pulled the trailer on the way to Old Sac and about half way back we stopped on the side of the trail and moved it to hubby's bike, I was so tired and couldn't even pull my own weight let alone, the boy and the trailer. It was a great ride though, very pretty and Logan had a ton of fun! If you ask him what his favorite part was he will tell you the bathrooms at one of the parks we went through - it was cavernous and it echoed!

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