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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sac Fit Saturday!

Well Saturday I was *supposed* to run 16 miles. What I did was run 11.5 miles. I'm frustrated because I know that my legs could have kept going.

I had to stop for two reasons - I think my sinus infection never got cleared up due to the antibiotic issues I had - when I switched to the second one I guess I knew way more than my doctor and choose not to take the whole ten days since this was my second round that I had taken. On Friday I got the sinus pain and pressure back and running on saturday made everything from my neck up on my left side hurt. I felt like everytime my feet hit the ground, me teeth were going to fall out. Reason 2 - We started very early, but for some reason on a day that was forcasted to only be 88 - it ended up being over 100 and humid and the heat and humidity were taking its toll and only making the headache worse.

I promised my hubby that Iwouldn't push myself if my head was bothering me and I kept my promise to him, but it leaves me wondering - would I have kicked butt on the 16 mile if I didn't have to stop due to the headache.

So I'm looking forward - next sunday will be my first official half marathon and I'm so looking forward to crossing that finish line and getting my finishers medal!!

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~Tammy said...

Sorry to hear your infection hasn't completely healed.

Good luck on your half marathon this coming weeknd. Mind over matter, hon!