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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feedback - Not Failure

So after talking with one of the coaches AND my local Fleet Feet store - we put together what led to the downfall on Saturday.

Lets start with the shoes - I took the shoes in to see if I needed to switch to new ones already - she says to me, "why are these cinched so tight?" I reply "I always wear them laced that tight!" - So who knew? Your feel expand when you run and I have been basically squishing them and not letting them get any bigger. not a big deal when it is cool and I don't do so many miles, but apparently a big deal when you get hotter and more miles... I now have a new pair of inserts (mine were worn) and a new knowledge on how tight my shoes should be.

Salt and Nutrition - so I have a nutrition regiment that works really well for me - I do Gu every 30-45 minutes and Jelly Belly Sports beans a couple at a time every few walking intervals - in my water I have power bar electrolytes and it has worked well for me so far. At the aid stations that the group had set up they had payday bars and I had a couple of chunks every time I passed an aid station as well as some Gatorade at one of the other stations. WAY more salt that I'm used to and since I was eating this other stuff I didn't stick to my nutrition routine that I knew worked for me. All that salt could have led to the feet swelling as well.

Not stopping and investigating the pain earlier - I would have at least found the rock and loosened my shoe since I wouldn't have been able to cram it back on the way it was.

Mugginess (is that a word??) - the weather was cool, but I had never ran when it was muggy outside - it was slightly overcast and the heat wore me down quite quickly once I started getting tired.

So as my weight watchers leader says - There is no such thing as failure - only feedback!!

Saturday is a step back week and we are *only* doing 10 miles. I hope to be on the trail early and finish strong!! Only a little worried since I had decided to baby my foot and not do any runs this week.


mom2manyblessings said...

Sounds like you've got some great knowledge to go forward with. Good luck with your run on Saturday!

~Tammy said...

I'm always so interested in learning why things are they way they are. Good to know about the feet expanding when you're running, I had no idea. I'm prone to over tightening my shoes too. I did it so much on one run, my foot was numb by the time I was finished. I was so worried about my shoes being lose and giving me blisters and I cut the circulation off. Not smart!

Good luck with your run on Saturday.