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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My cheesy little man!

Here is my litte dude right out of the pages of GQ! He is "striking a pose" next to his bike. How handsome is he is his bike jersey (which is too big, but was so adorable and on clearance) and his new helmet and cycling gloves!?! He had such a great time today! It makes me proud to see him so happy and active. He also did the kids fun run after my race was over and he got a medallion that has a pair of shoes with wings on it. He was so proud and mama coudn't be prouder of him!!


~Tammy said...

He looks adorable! I love his shirt.

magickalstitches said...

He's too cute!! We have almost the exact same bike LOL Mine's a different Trek, but it's the same color (Trek's are the aunt & uncle own 3 Trek stores)