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Sunday, September 7, 2008

34th annual Buffalo Stampede 10 Mile Run!!

Here I am coming into the finish line! I had two goals with the run - Have a great time and finish under 2:30 - so I did have a ton of fun and my time?? 2:29:54.8 - cutting it kinda close wasn't I?? Since this was technically a training run for us I wanted to average my long run pace which is a 15 minute mile and I did great!! It got very hot out there despite the 7AM start time and I am used to running on the bike trail that has a dirt path on the sides for the runners, so my feet hurt more than usual due to the constant pounding on the road. But other than those two factors it was a very fun time. My hubby and son biked down to the turnaround and took pictures and cheered everyone on, my son was holding a cowbell. They had an aid station close to the turnaround where they gave us donuts! I was a great race and just a ton of fun!! I will definitely have to do this again next year!!


~Tammy said...


Great pic!!

I'm so incredibly proud of you!!!

Velda said...

Way to go girl! Congratulations!